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Drummond Announces Launch of Vital Artificial Intelligence Risk Assessment Service Amid Surging Demand for AI Software


Supporting Secure Innovation via the NIST Artificial Intelligence Risk Management Framework (AI RMF 1.0)

PORTSMOUTH, NH, UNITED STATES, November 20, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Drummond Group, a trusted provider of assessment, testing, certification, and advisory services for highly regulated industries, today unveils its latest offering: AI Software Risk Assessment. This timely service addresses the pressing need for managing the ever-evolving risks associated with using artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare, finance, supply chain, and other industries.

The rapid growth of AI technologies has brought about a surge in innovative solutions, promising enhanced efficiency, and novel operational models. While AI holds great potential, it simultaneously poses significant IT and cybersecurity risks, making it crucial for organizations to diligently assess and mitigate potential threats.

Drummond's AI Risk Assessment service leverages the National Institute of Standards and Technology's Artificial Intelligence Risk Management Framework (AI RMF 1.0) to provide a structured approach for organizations to assess and manage the evolving risks tied to their AI software.

Ryan Patano, CEO of Drummond, emphasizes the importance of diligence and consistency in the realm of risk assessments, saying, "Technology and its associated risks continue to evolve at a faster and faster pace, the importance of risk assessments to identify gaps in your security posture cannot be understated.” “Our long-standing expertise and market trust makes us the ideal partner to guide organizations who want to innovate while ensuring the safety and integrity of their operations.", he added.

Sam Hinson, Cybersecurity Business Unit Leader at Drummond, "For over two decades, we've assisted organizations with mission-critical IT and cyber security risk assessments.” “Our reputation is built on trust, and we're proud to extend our legacy of excellence to the AI sector.", he added.

With the release of the AI Risk Assessment service, Drummond offers organizations a pathway to responsible AI adoption. Working collaboratively with our clients, we can identify potential threats and provide actionable recommendations they need to mitigate them. Successful completion of the Drummond AI Risk Assessment provides peace of mind and assurance to end-users. Additionally, our successful clients will receive the well-regarded Drummond Validated badge to prove to their customers and the market that security and risk mitigation is a top priority.

For more information about Drummond's AI Risk Assessment service, please visit https://www.drummondgroup.com/services/ai-risk-assessment/

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Our core mission is to promote and facilitate the integration of interoperability and security standards. We offer our clients a wealth of expertise, practical proprietary tools, and expert guidance to enhance their conformance processes so they can navigate the complexities of mandated and best-practice compliance with confidence.

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