(CNN Newsource) — All he wanted was some KFC and a smoke: So he grabbed an ambulance and hit the road.


The evidence is clearly visible inside the vehicle — you can see he also snagged some Doritos during his joy ride.

Police said they received a call early Thursday morning for a man who had stolen an ambulance. The vehicle was sitting outside of a psychiatric hospital where he used to be a patient. The keys were in it, officials said, and the ambulance was running.

So, he hopped in, grabbed some ‘Finger-lickin’ good’ along with a couple other things and then headed for the gas station.

“I rolled up on him, opened the door, asked him why he had the ambulance,” Harris County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Lynwood Moreau explained. “He said he needed a ride. He backed out, put his hands behind him and I handcuffed him.”

Right now, the unidentified man is in jail, charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.