There’s a reason Samsung sells more cell phones than any other electronics producer  on Earth. They have a knack for innovation and for building practical and easy-to-use devices. Over the past decade, they have been on the leading edge of the smartphone revolution, taking every opportunity to maximize performance and usability for their customers. As a result, Samsung owners tend to be highly loyal to the brand, because they connect with the product.

A major factor in Samsung’s product-development strategy is, in fact, customer input. They find out what was popular with consumers on their previous models, and try to add to that as best they can. The result is a catalog of smartphones that offer sleek looks, durable quality, and a user experience that keeps people coming back for more.

The choices are plentiful, so a little research is in order, and our shopping guide can help you land on just the right model. There’s an option for everyone in our list of best Samsung phones.