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Outdoor patio furniture

A patio is a leisurely outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining. If you’re planning on spending more time there with the sunny season in tow, it’s worth investing in a few upgrades.

Comfort and convenience often take the lead when you shop for patio essentials. In addition to being functional, these accessories boost the flow of ambiance and enhance your outdoor space. Whether you’re in the market for new patio furniture or want to invest in accessories for dining, this buying guide on the best patio essentials will help you find what you need. 

Best patio furniture

Patio furniture is one of the more expensive investments you will make, but if you invest in quality pieces, they may last a decade or longer. 

A classic patio dining set

classic dining set

A classic dining set is ideal if you eat or often entertain, mainly because they come with spacious tables to accommodate plates and serveware.

dining set with cushions

Even if you’re not dining al fresco, you can enjoy the set as a work-from-home space. If possible, opt for a dining set with cushions for added support and comfort during extended periods of sitting.

A versatile patio umbrella

For those who lounge on the patio day and night, investing in an umbrella with built-in lights is a smart investment. 

hampton bay cantilever umbrella

The Hampton Bay Cantilever Umbrella, for example, is equipped with 40 solar LED lights. Its offset design and sprawling 11-foot umbrella make it suitable for covering smaller dining and conversation sets. The canopy offers sun protection from UV-protected fabric.

Solo seating patio furniture

hanging chaise lounge

Many people hang out solo on the patio, and this hanging chaise lounge is an attractive option. The entire seat is cushioned, plus it comes with a removable canopy. It rocks gently in the breeze, and many consumers say it induces naps. 

Best patio dining essentials

One of the best aspects of having a patio is dining outdoors. If you’d like to take outdoor dining to the next level, consider upgrading with a few of these accessories.

Patio essentials for cooking


If you’d like to expand your cooking options beyond a grill, a smoker is an ideal investment. These appliances cook food at low temperatures for long periods to deliver a smokey, rich flavor. 

pizza oven

Pizza aficionados no longer need to order their favorite pie when they can cook it on the patio. Bertello Napoli Outdoor Pizza Oven, for example, reaches temperatures up to 900 degrees and cooks pies in minutes. Its versatile design is compatible with wood chips, charcoal or pellets.

Patio essentials for drinking and eating

ice chest

Staying hydrated is a top priority in scorching temperatures, so keep drinks cold on your patio with an ice chest. Some of these chests even come with built-in bottle openers and racks to store drinkware.

melamine servingware

There’s no need to bring your beloved indoor servingware outdoors when you can use durable melamine servingware instead. These pieces typically come in vibrant, bold colors and are dishwasher safe. 

Patio essentials for ambiance

fire pit

On cooler nights, round up guests and curl up in front of a fire pit. It creates a relaxing ambiance with a controlled flame that keeps you warm and toasty.

JBL charge 3

Thanks to Bluetooth speakers, you can now bring your favorite tunes out to the patio. We like JBL Charge 3, a waterproof speaker suitable for regular outdoor use. It’s powered by a lithium-ion battery that offers up to 20 hours of playtime. 

Best patio décor

In addition to furnishing a patio with sitting and serving essentials, many consumers opt for aesthetic upgrades. With the right décor, you can transform your patio into a cozy outdoor entertainment space.

Vibrant outdoor rugs

outdoor rug

Upgrade smaller, more intimate spaces on your patio with outdoor rugs. Their colorful patterns and designs add a splash of color that brightens the area. Outdoor rugs are typically weather-resistant and quick to dry, too.

An outdoor mat

outdoor mat

While doormats are practical in design, many attractive options complement patios. A non-slip outdoor mat, like this one by Fleur De Lis Living, features an intricate wrought iron-inspired design. It’s easy to hose down for cleaning, plus it’s mildew- and odor-resistant. 

Weatherproof outdoor lighting

Choosing outdoor lighting can be tricky, but you can keep it simple by choosing weatherproof string lights. They can be hung virtually anywhere, from fence posts to pergolas.

string lights

We like Hampton Bay Indoor/Outdoor String Light Set, whose commercial-grade design features impact-resistant bulbs and energy-efficient LED lights. Their elegant, throwback appearance blends in well with other patio accents.

A small garden

Many consumers add greenery to their patios by way of potted plants, raised garden beds or hanging baskets. This natural décor is functional, too; you can use any of these planters to cultivate a small herb or vegetable garden.

garden bed

We’re fans of Southern Patio FlexSpace Modular Raised Garden Bed. It’s made with crack- and fade-resistant resin that is safe for plants. You can choose from a few configurations or invest in a few of these raised garden beds to connect them in a larger design.

Other patio essentials 

Besides outdoor furniture and décor, there are a few more patio essentials that belong on your shopping list. Worthwhile investments in cleaning, storage, and pest control products keep your patio tidy and fuss-free. 

Essentials for patio cleaning

Patios are generally sprawling spaces, so cleaning them comes with a unique set of challenges. Fortunately, you can clean a large area with minimal effort when you use a pressure washer.

pressure washer

Pressure washers blast away stubborn dirt and grime from various surfaces, including patios, driveways, fences and siding. They’re also effective at cleaning oil, mildew, and rust stains from various surfaces and lawn care equipment.


To maximize cleaning power, invest in a multi-purpose cleaner for your pressure washers, like this one by Karcher. The highly-concentrated formula makes 20 gallons of detergent and is biodegradable.

Essentials for patio pest control

Critters are unavoidable when you spend time outdoors, but there are a few options to keep them at bay.

citronella candle

Citronella candles repel mosquitos and other insects for several hours at a time. When placed strategically around your patio, they create a fairly reliable barrier against bugs.

bug zapper

Another option is a bug zapper, which attracts and captures insects before they whiz by you. We like Black+Decker Bug Zapper, a non-toxic UV light zapper. It offers dependable coverage for up to an acre and is equipped with an easy emptying mechanism. 

Essentials for patio storage

Instead of traipsing in and out of the house, garage or shed, leverage options for outdoor storage on your patio. 

outdoor trash can

Replace the eyesore of a trash can by investing in a more stylish one. This woven resin trash can has a lid and a removable liner. It comes in espresso brown, which blends in well with most patio furniture. 

storage bench

Similarly, a deck box is a popular option to store toys or pool equipment. One variation of deck boxes are deck benches, which function as makeshift seating and storage.

duck cover

Patio furniture is generally weather-resistant, but you should still protect pieces with durable covers. Duck Covers for Patio Furniture Sets, for example, are waterproof, UV-stable and rip-resistant. They’re equipped with nylon straps and belts for a secure fit.


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