The Cowboys delivered a win over the Giants on Thanksgiving Day, and they also delivered an iconic touchdown celebration.

Dallas tight end Peyton Hendershot scored a touchdown in the fourth quarter to increase the Cowboys’ lead to 28–13. For the ensuing celebration, he was joined by three teammates, who jumped into a giant Salvation Army donation bucket beyond the end zone. Hendershot then held the football as a prop and pretended to play Whack-A-Mole with his teammates as the moles.

Hendershot ended up knocking down fellow tight end Jake Ferguson in the bucket, and he fell down in dramatic fashion.

Just like their Thanksgiving dinners, fans ate up the Cowboys’ fun creative celebration. Some even said the celebration was one of the best they’d ever seen.

Here are some of the best social media reactions to the Cowboys’ amazing and hilarious celebration.

Thanks in part to Hendershot’s touchdown, the Cowboys ended up beating the Giants, 28–20.

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